We accept consultation on various printing such as business cards and leaflets in Tokyo.

Our company staff will respond to punctual delivery until shipping

We provide various printing services such as business cards, postcards, and leaflets in Tokyo. The added value is that we take responsibility for shipping ourselves. Customers are pleased with the prompt and courteous response of the staff, and there are quite a lot of repeat customers, so please consult with customers who wish to deliver on the same day or the next day.
We strive to give our customers peace of mind, even with satisfactory quality and reasonable prices. Please be assured that we have received many reviews with highly skilled staff and high-performance machines that are also good in terms of finishing. There are many compatible applications, and we will respond to various requests.

Information on the products handled at the print house

Offset printing

Offset printing

Using a flat plate without unevenness (4 sheets of cyan, magenta, yellow and black), create two states of "lipophilic" and "hydrophilic" on the surface. Since the ink is oily, it repels the ink by attaching the ink to the lipophilic part and water to the hydrophilic part. In this way, the ink is transferred from the plate where the ink is applied to the required part to the roller made of rubber called "blanket". Furthermore, four colors are transferred from this blanket to printing paper and overprinted to express the final color. It is called offset printing because the ink on the plate is once released to the rubber roller (OFF) and then transferred from the rubber roller to the paper (SET). Offset printing is characterized by the sharpness of the outlines and edges of characters due to the high resolution original plate. However, it is not suitable for printing a small number of copies due to the high plate making cost of the first plate. Also, due to the period of plate production, it will take some time for delivery.
On-demand printing

On-demand printing

As shown in "On Demand (on demand)", "printing quickly when requested by the user" generally means that a digital printing machine such as toner or inkjet that does not require plate production is used. This printing method is suitable for small lots and short delivery times. At the print house, we have prepared a toner-type on-demand printer that uses toner of four colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black and uses a dedicated photoconductor (drum). Unlike offset printing, there is no need to make a plate, and since it is output directly from digital data, it is suitable for small number of copies and quick delivery. However, the cost increases as the number of prints increases, so it is not suitable for large numbers. Another major feature is that variable printing is possible, in which different characters and patterns such as address and numbering are printed on each sheet. In addition, high quality graphic printing is possible.

Impressions of customers using the printing service in Tokyo

We are pleased with the speed and reliable quality.

  • The speedy response was very helpful


    I asked for printing in a hurry, but it was very helpful because of the speedy response.

    Thank you for responding carefully to this unreasonable request.

    I will be using this again.

  • High quality even when re-requested


    In the past, I asked another printing company to print the leaflets. At that time, there is a subtle difference in color between the first request and the second request. .. ..

    However, with regard to the leaflets that I asked Printhouse-san, the one I asked for the first time and the one I asked for the second time were very beautiful with no difference in color.

    Thank you for your continued support.


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In Tokyo, we have honed all printing technologies and have been appointed by not only local customers but also customers nationwide for speedy delivery and high quality. We have an office in a land rich in nature, and we are working hard every day to sharpen the inspiration that can be used for production based on the colors and scenery of the four seasons. In addition, we have a large variety of samples and various products.

About us

We are engaged in quick and courteous printing service in Tokyo

We receive repeat print requests from many customers in Tokyo.

The high quality of finished products and the responsiveness of the staff are very well known. In many cases, many of our customers who are currently ordering are satisfied with the previous deliveries and have been nominated for repeats. We are waiting for your order with high-performance equipment and skilled staff, as well as a wealth of paper. We have a track record in various media such as leaflets, pamphlets, and business cards, so please do not hesitate to ask.
In order to satisfy our customers, our highly trained staff are engaged in various activities. We also handle in-house processing such as folding and streaking, speed delivery, and arrangements for motorcycle delivery. In addition, we have been thoroughly insisting on high quality and punctual delivery by our own system with an integrated system from consultation to delivery. Furthermore, since we place great importance on listening carefully to customer requests, please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries regarding the color tone of the finished product or ordering a small number of copies. We will do our best to fulfill our customers' requests while making full use of our abundant stock, in addition to the products and papers that we usually prepare.

A printing service company in Tokyo that can handle urgent deliveries.

Along with high-quality deliveries, many customers are satisfied with the rapid delivery speed. We also support on-demand if the number of copies is small, and there are many cases where we have delivered on the fastest day. If normal delivery is not in time, we will arrange flexible delivery such as speedy delivery and motorcycle delivery, and staff will deliver directly to nearby customers such as Kita Ward and Itabashi Ward. Please contact us if you are in a hurry.
Data submission is available 24 hours a day from the internet, so please register as a new member first. In addition to Pdf files, it also supports a wide range of Adobe Creative Cloud applications, and if you have any questions about the data that can be supported or the delivery date, we will answer carefully. In addition, our rate plans are reasonably priced by our customers, and we also offer low-price services, so be sure to check out our great deals. As for the shipping fee, if the order amount is more than a certain amount, we will ship it to all over the country free of charge, and we are waiting for requests from companies operating outside Tokyo.